Engagement and Facilitation

Kat is an experienced community and stakeholder engagement specialist working collaboratively with project teams to interact with key stakeholders, special interest groups and the community.

Stakeholder Engagement

Using the IAP2 Framework approach, Kat work's with clients to develop stakeholder engagement strategies which identify the  relevant stakeholders, the engagement needs and approaches to prepare engagement programs which meet the needs of the client.

Workshop Facilitation

Whether it's a modern or traditional approach to workshop facilitation, Kat has developed and facilitated a range of workshops including:

  • Team building
  • Project kickoff and briefing
  • Issues identification
  • Multi-criteria Assessment
  • Innovation and Idea's Cafe workshops
  • Visioning workshops


Uniting her radio and presentation skills, Kat is an experienced presenter, able to develop customised presentations on topics or able to present one from her existing portfolio on topics including:

  • Weird Science: highlights from Transcience
  • Sustainability and infrastructure projects: why should I care? 
  • Sustainable transport
  • Making cities more sustainable
  • Looking beyond is it real? Why businesses need to consider climate change