Science Communication

Science Communication

Kat has been a professional science and technology communicator for more than 20 years, developing and facilitating engagement programs with  the general public and stakeholder.


Kat has worked across a range of print, broadcast and online media working with organisations to develop and deliver content for a diverse range of audiences.

Informal Education

Specialising in science, engineering and sustainability, Kat has developed a range of hand-on activities to promote and encourage greater participation in science and engineering.

Science Radio


From 1996 through until 2002, Kat was a Producer and a Broadcaster for RTRFM's flagship science radio program, Transcience, which was co-hosted by other WA based science communicators, including the Transcience Chix, who features on Georrge Negus Tonight as part of National Science Week in 2001. 

During this time, Kat interviewed a range of prominent scientists, science communicators. 

Examples of Kat's interviews are available to listen in the downloads section below:

  • NASA Astronaut, Andy Thomas 

As more these are converted from 'reel to reel' to digital files more will become available.  

Commander Kat's Cosmos

After hanging up the mike on Transcience, Kat continued to appear as a regular every Thursday morning on RTRFM's Breakfast with Barr and contunes to make guest appearances on the station. This included as part of RTRFM's  40th Anniversary series the Humans of RTRFM and as part of 2017's National Science Week program.

 You can listen to Commander Kat at 6.30am Thursdays on RTRFM 

Photo credit: RTRFM

Science Activities for Kids, Teachers

Scitech Wizz and Weekend Wonders

During Kat's time at Scitech in Perth, Western Australia, she produced a range of hands on science activities which were published in The West Australian and Sunday Times newspapers. 

ACRE - Schools and Community Education

From 1997 - 2004, Kat let the Australian Cooperative Research Centre for Renewable Energy's  Schools and Community Education Project which produced a number of resource materials which are no longer available due to the decommissioning of ACRE's site. They are provided here for reference to students, teachers and community organisations but should not be relied upon as a advice.  

Adult supervision is recommended for all activities.