Commander Kat

Commander Kat (aka Cmdr Kat), is a nom de plume given to Kat O'Mara by her RTRFM family when she was at Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama in 2005. 

Kat  is an experienced sustainability professional, communicator, educator and adviser in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM)  sector with more than 20 years experience. 

Her passion and capabilities has seen her work with local, state and national governments, non-government organisations, the education sector and the community.


What we do

CmdrKat Consulting provides a range of services in the following disciplines:

  • Sustainability
  • Science Communication
  • Stakeholder and Community Engagement
  • Education and Training 


Examples of Kat's work over the last 20 years are available online including:


The Logo

At the heart of the logo is symbolic reference to my interest in space and the physical sciences, with the atom and galaxies represented. 

The colour, Pantone 5483c, is representative of my work in sustainability which the colours of green and blue are commonly used  [I know, it's more teal than blue or green, but it turns out it's pretty difficult to tell the difference between blue and green...you can read about that here].  

The colour is better known as 'Delta II rocket blue" the colour synonomous with NASA's Delta II rockets. Like most rockets, they were originally white, but after the first few launches of the rockets, the white top coat was no longer used in an effort to improve the fuel efficiency by reducing surplus weight on the rocket. The striking colour is that of AkzoNobel's "Blue Fluid Resistant Primer", the undercoat used for NASA's Delta II rockets.

The rockets were retired from use in Sept 2018, around the same time CmdrKat Consulting was established.